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"I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED with They were able to track down the EXACT make, model and COLOR for the car I was looking for on TWO separate occasions. This was done quickly and with ZERO HASSLE or personal time wasted. And even after paying their fee, the whole thing was CHEAPER. It's a great service, and I plan on using it again next spring when my first lease is up and then again when the second expires. I have also recommended to maybe HALF A DOZEN close friends, all of whom I know were equally satisfied." 

-Sam Catlin, "Breaking Bad" Writer and Director

Maya Hazen recommends GoSeeTed

"I definitely will work with GoSeeTed again on my next car. I was very impressed and had a great experience. The people who referred me said they were such a pleasure to work with and after they worked the deal on my car, I have to say it was one of the easiest leases I've done. I've had unpleasant experiences with salesmen who talk your ear off with unnecessary information...With GoSeeTed, they made it short and sweet while getting me a great deal, but if you wanted to know ALL the information, they'd be happy to explain everything. Personally, I want to hear when you've got the car I want, and when you can have it in my driveway. They walked me through when I didn't understand something, making my leasing experience stress free. Great company!"

-Maya Hazen, Actress known for "Shrooms" (2007), "Shutter" (2008) and "Miami Medical" (2010)

Benito Martinez recommends GoSeeTed.jpg

"My wife and I recently worked with GoSeeTed to acquire a new Volvo SUV to replace our old car when its lease ran out. They were recommended to us by my sister who raved about their ability to close the deal and get what we wanted. She couldn't have been more right. I, too, echo my sisters sentiments when I say they saved us time, money and much hassle. Ted, you're the man! We couldn't be more overjoyed with our new automobile and nor more pleased with the way you guys took care of us!"


-Benito Martinez, Actor, Golden globe winner best drama

"I am thrilled with the service that GoSeeTed has provided. They are experts, and I trust them completely. I simply researched the car I wanted and GoSeeTed took care of the rest. I have the best leasing deal for my MINI, better than anyone I know! It was delivered to my home, I signed the papers, and they even returned my old lease back to the dealer for me. Done! I recommend to anyone who values their time and their dollar."

-Donnamarie Recco, Actress, "Analyze That"

Bellina Logan Recommends GoSeeTed

"I was very happy with the service GoSeeTed was able to give me. They really helped out at a time of great confusion as I had not dealt with having to get a new car in over 15 years. He had a great manner on the phone and for the most part was always reachable or able to call back as soon as possible which is very important. They were great with the advice they gave me and I am very happy with my Honda CRV."

-Bellina Logan, Actress

Rainn Wilson

"I knew I wanted a Highlander Hybrid. Called around to the dealers. No luck, at all. Called Ted. Next day it was at my house, paperwork all filled out, best possible deal. Go. See. Ted. You'll be glad you did!"

-Rainn Wilson, Actor, "The office"

"GoSeeTed rocks!! And I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a new car! They got me an awesome deal on my Prius! It was the easiest car deal I ever did! Thanks, GoSeeTed!"

-Gil Bellows, Actor, "Shawshank redemption"

"GoSeeTed takes the hassle and anxiety out of buying a car. I was tired of feeling like the proverbial minnow swimming into a school of sharks, every time I wanted a vehicle. The GoSeeTed team speaks the language, knows where the traps are set, and always watches out for the customer's interests. I never hesitate to refer them to everybody who's looking to buy or lease a new car."

-David Y, Television Writer

"You want to buy a new car. You could spend hours running from one dealer to the next listening to some smart-alek salesman give you the run-around about why you need "glaze-guard," "quadra-trac," and satellite radio. You could develop Carpal Tunnel doing on-line research in an effort to find the absolutely best deal--in Canada. Or you could call GoSeeTed. Earlier this year, after developing leg cramps and numb fingers from our own attempts to buy a new Audi cabriolet, we found the car we wanted. We were told by several dealers that there was only one model anywhere in the Los Angeles area equipped just as we wanted. And they quoted "rock bottom" prices within a few dollars apart. We called GoSeeTed and 48 hours later the Audi was in our driveway, fresh from a detailing, nearly two thousand dollars less than we had expected to pay. That's not a typo. We filled out a few papers over a cup of coffee and that was that. Moreover, they were a pleasure to deal with and thoroughly professional. It's the only way to buy (or lease) a new car. "

-Joel K, Attorney

"GoSeeTed took all the stress out of buying a car. They negotiated the best deal and all I had to do was sign a few papers. I highly recommend GoSeeTed's services for people who want the best price and the best service available. For the first time in my life I didn't feel ripped off when buying a car. That's what GoSeeTed brings to the table. "

-Josh G, Producer

"GoSeeTed took all the fear out of buying a new car. I did not have to deal with any fast talking salesmen, or any undue pressure of any kind. Once they made the best deal, all I had to do was sign the papers and my new car was in the driveway! It was that simple. They found the car and made the calls to get the best deal. It is the first time I have ever bought a car with no stress involved. "

-Randy K, Fine Rug Manufacturer

"GoSeeTed is truly a pleasure to work with and I recommend them highly. They are extremely knowledgeable about the car business, can identify and pursue the most economic opportunities, are highly resourceful and incredibly pleasant. Leasing my car became the easiest transaction due to GoSeeTed's diligence and hard work. Thank you, GoSeeTed!"

-Alix M, Producer

"GoSeeTed was a big help when I set out to lease an awesome car. They illuminated the shadowy world of financing fees, and saved me a bundle of money. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to avoid the lousy feeling of buyer's remorse.

Brian R, Producer

"I cannot recommend GoSeeTed's service highly enough, it was the most painless car buying experience I ever had. I got my dream car, at a price I could never have negotiated and it was delivered to my door. I even got the color I wanted, all without the stress of having to deal with a salesman."

-Sandy A, Personal Trainer

"The service, I thought, was excellent. GoSeeTed went above and beyond what I thought they might do. And I am still extremely happy with my Nissan Altima."

-Brendan E, Photographer

"Ted is my guy! There's a waiting list for the car I wanted, but GoSeeTed quickly got us to the front of the line! When I get another car, I'm definitely going to call GoSeeTed!"

-Wesley I, Restauranteur

"I had been to dealerships, done the test drives and gotten prices myself, online and in person - none too good to pass. Then, I found GoSeeTed. I called them on Sunday, got a timely response, told them the car I wanted to purchase and then took the family to Disneyland. When we returned, my new car arrived in my driveway, $3000 less than the price I had negotiated, with a dealer rep to show me how to work all the bells and whistles I asked for. Handshakes all around. Then whole deal was done. You can find me on the streets today driving my flawless new hybrid - I'm the driver next to you who can't stop grinning!"

-Lisa K, Marketing Executive (Posted on The List)

"Working with GoSeeTed took all the pain and angst out of getting a car, not to mention having it delivered to the door - all at the right price. I have no complaints. Would recommend them to anyone I know getting a new car."

-Pacy M, Advertising

"GoSeeTed was FANTASTIC!!!! They devoted a lot of time and effort in finding me the right car at the right price. They really made the whole stressful experience painless. I tell everyone about GoSeeTed...couldn't have asked for a better experience. We LOVE GoSeeTed!!!!"

-Dan M, Camera Operator

"GoSeeTed did a fantastic job for me, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat, which I have already done a few times. I was very happy with the service and the deal they got for me on my car."

-Scott S, Producer

"We were very happy with the service we received from GoSeeTed in connection with our Prius purchase. There's nothing we would have asked them to do differently or additionally to what they did. They covered every possible contingency."

-Ted S, Literary and Talent Manager

"It wouldn't have been possible for me to ask for more out of GoSeeTed's fantastic service. Literally, everything was taken care of for me. All I did was call them and tell them the car that I wanted and asked them to get me the best deal possible. I simply filled out an application and within two days the car was in my driveway at a cheaper price than I expected to pay. They were not only able to save me hours and hours of my valuable time, but they were also able to negotiate a car deal in a way that only someone on "the inside" could have. During the process with GoSeeTed, I learned that they were privy to kickbacks and bonuses that the dealership was getting from the manufacturer, that I would not have had the resources to know about. Because of this, they were able to save me a substantial amount on my lease as well."

-Kent S, Salesman

"There isn't one thing more GoSeeTed could have done for me. They not only got me the best deal possible, but made the whole car buying experience a joy. I can't say enough about Ted and his way with people. He knows how to handle everyone, including the dealership. They have a way of making everyone feel like they have won, Thanks, Ted!"

-Rick T, Producer

"I was COMPLETELY SATISFIED with GoSeeTed's help in buying my 2008 Mercury Mariner...I felt they went above and beyond what they actually needed to do in order to find and secure the best car for me...and what I liked the most is that whenever I called them with a question, they always called me back within a day to answer my questions to the best of his abilities at the time...and if he couldn't answer the question, he would find the answer and then call me back when he knew it...He is always friendly and cordial and I always felt very secure in the fact that he was completely on the up and up and doing what he could to find the car I wanted."

-Kelvin T, Set Decorator

"Ted literally changed my lifestyle by getting me the car I've been thinking about for years and a hybrid! Now I tell all my friends, and they all come back and say how much they love the service he provides. This is a great company!"

-Gordy Hoffman, Screenwriter and Director

"Ted is the man to see if you want to escape the drudgery of a car lot. He is the "expert on my side." He has purchased and delivered 3 cars for me and my company, saving me time, money and frustration."

-John C, Entrepreneur

"I have used Ted on 4 different deals and they have all run smoothly. I would recommend his services and I intend on using him again in the future."

-Ben S, Producer

"If you hate the experience of dealing with a sales person at the dealership. If you have a busy life and don't want to spend a week looking for your dream car: Ted is your guy! I have already used his service twice and I am very satisfied. He has experience of the market and vast technical knowledge of cars and his opinion is not biased. He will tell it to you straight, you can trust this guy!"

-Roberto A, Programmer

"Ted is amazing and the money that he saved me was the least of the benefits...I loved buying a new car for the first time."

-Andrew B, Counselor

If you're looking to buy a new car, hiring Ted is the way to go. After losing my car in an accident, I needed a car fast. This was a problem since I wanted to buy a base model Prius in Metallic Grey, which all the dealerships told me was impossible. I had to put $1000 deposits down at two dealerships to "maybe" get the color I wanted with a package I felt I didn't need. Then, a friend told me about Ted. Ted found me the exact car I wanted at $2000 less than what others were quoting as their "lowest price" and arranged financing at an amazing rate. On top of all that, he delivered the car to my home. The process was so pleasant and simple, I can hardly believe it!"

-Lisa K, Entrepreneur