The Best Deal

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  • GoSeeTed does all the extensive legwork of finding and negotiating the best lease or purchase deal on whatever new car you want.
  • All negotiations are handled by a team of car business insiders with decades of experience.
  • Once the best deal is secured, you'll receive a completely transparent, line by line explanation of your lease or sales contract. 
  • The best part - the new car is delivered to your front door without you having to go the dealership.
  • The better part - we're never compensated by any dealerships, any banks, or any manufacturers.
  • We’re only compensated by our customer because that’s the only person we work for.

The Best Deal includes our 100% money back guarantee. If someone you know claims to have gotten a better deal than  GoSeeTed was able to negotiate for you on the same car, in the same month, email us a copy of their  contract and we’ll conduct a financial analysis of their deal. If we find that they did indeed get a better deal, we’ll refund the entire fee to you - no questions asked. That's real peace of mind.  

Check your Deal

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Already been to the dealer, but don’t know if you have the best deal? Send us the deal highlights (ie., VIN, payment, money down, trade in value, etc) and we’ll conduct a financial analysis of your current deal with a dealership to let you know how much profit they are still holding based on the numbers they gave you. Armed with this accurate information you can then go back to the dealership with the utmost confidence to improve the deal yourself.

However, if you’re done with the dealership and don’t want to go back to negotiate a better deal, we'll have already secured the best deal with a dealership that is ready to deliver the new car to you whenever you'd like. You'll be able to apply the Check your Deal fee to our normal Best Deal fee, if you want us to finish up the deal for you.