The Story of GoSeeTed


GoSeeTed was founded some 17 years ago by CEO, Ted Fenton. In 2001, he had no idea where helping a couple of friends with their car leases would lead or the impact he would have on those he served and the car business at large.

Ted worked and was educated for 5 grueling years in the car business, starting in Louisville, KY as a green pea salesman for Tafel Motor Company, a Mercedes Benz & Volvo dealership. Working his way up through the management ranks at multiple dealerships, he received an education in the car business that most people don’t get to experience.

He learned all the ins and outs, all the places where dealerships make money, the multiple profits points in each deal, and how to persuade, manipulate, and close customers on thousands of car purchases and leases. Being a young professional and eager to please, he did what he was told and excelled both professionally and financially...but mentally, emotionally and spiritually was a different story.  He constantly tried to justify the dishonest and misleading tactics of the car business but at the end of the day was unable to do it.

While trying to calculate a way out of the car business, our country was changed forever by the events of 9/11. Ted’s father had landed at LaGuardia airport that morning and had a scheduled meeting at 10:30 am in Tower 2 of the Twin Towers.  He was being introduced as the new CIO for a company called Marsh McClellan. As fate would have it, his father’s life was spared, but the ordeal would linger with Ted all throughout that day.

The next day he walked into the owner of the dealership and said, “Thanks but no thanks,” packed his things and quit. He had been given a beautiful gift to see things clearly - that life is short and to not waste another minute on things he did not enjoy or could not stomach.

Ted then left the car business to pursue one of his wildest dreams of working in the film & television business in Los Angeles, CA.  In October 2001, Ted moved out to Los Angeles with the hopes of leaving the car business for good and breaking into the Hollywood game. As Ted made his way through acting classes, casting calls, agents, managers, and auditions he made a host of fantastic contacts, great friends, and acquaintances.  Many of these new friends would ask about Ted’s background and when it would come up that he had run a few dealerships in the past, many began to ask for help with their car purchases and leases.

“Ted, we’re going to the dealership tomorrow to lease a car, would you come with us to make sure we don’t get ripped off?” This question started coming with so much regularity, Ted saw that the car business was an absolute maze for most people and they had no idea how to make heads or tails of it.  He further realized that he had the map and a very bright flashlight to help navigate this very complicated, arduous, and frustrating maze! Over the next several months, he developed a revolutionary new system of buying & leasing any new car, where the customer got the best deal and had their new car delivered to their front door, all done with zero effort from the customer.

After helping a number of friends score incredible lease deals, one of them pleaded with Ted, “Dude, no one wants to go through this nightmare dealership process. You know all the ins and outs and all their secrets! People would benefit greatly from your knowledge and expertise.” So after much thought, Ted Fenton opened the doors on his new car buying & leasing service and GoSeeTed was born!

Good news travels fast in Hollywood, and GoSeeTed’s car buying and leasing service became a big hit!  And over the last 17 years, has remained a big hit with thousands of very happy and satisfied customers!

GoSeeTed is poised to change, improve and simplify the car buying & leasing process throughout the entire country for anyone that wants the best deal, delivered to their door, without them lifting a finger...GoSeeTed!