"We are changing the car buying and leasing experience one
UNBEATABLE deal at a time. Come join the revolution!”


Our customers get the very best deal on whatever new car they want,
their new car is delivered to their home or office,
and they don't have to lift a finger for any of it.
It's that easy.

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Get the best deal

Our revolutionary system ensures that our customers no longer have to endure the nightmarish process dealerships put their customers through to maximize profits. Using decades of insider car business experience and an ever-growing network of competitive dealers, we negotiate the best pricing and financing only offered to those “in the know," which guarantees you get the best deal.

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delivered to you

Having the new car delivered to your home or office helps you avoid the arduous, stressful and frustrating experience that is notorious at new car dealerships. By utilizing our revolutionary system, you'll enjoy a 30 minute delivery from the comfort of your own home and will soon agree there's nothing better than having your new car delivered to you.

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go see ted

For years and years, the new car buying and leasing process has been an ordeal that no one enjoyed going through. So we created a revolutionary system that helps our customers avoid all of it. Get the best deal, delivered to your door. No games, no gimmicks, GoSeeTed.